The Best Vinyl Flooring Types: Your Complete Guide

Are you thinking of doing your floors this season? Perhaps you should consider the right options for designing your home. Although a variety of options from tiles to wood flooring, vinyl covers to marble and granite flooring are available in multiple colors, there are many things to consider while choosing the right flooring options - What’s the main function of the room? What’s the existing decor like? What’s your budget for flooring? etc. While renovating the house in a new and innovative way, choosing the right option for the flooring project can certainly be a difficult decision for the homeowners owing to the variety of options available these days.

But, when it comes to versatility, vinyl flooring outmatches all other flooring options, as it can be installed practically at all the places in a home. No other flooring option provides that sturdy, stylish, and ease to clean & maintain features, at a reasonable cost as compared to vinyl flooring. Though vinyl has been in use since ages, the present day’s innovation has transformed luxury vinyl tile into a modern and stylish alternative of natural stone and hardwood flooring providing realistic textures and incredible visual profundity. Furthermore, you truly can have appealing looks all through your home with the help of vinyl flooring and can turn it into a paradise!

Now, once you've decided to put vinyl flooring in your home, it's time for you to explore the types of vinyl flooring products to determine which suits best for your home and you will also need to decide whether you want your vinyl flooring bear a resemblance to hardwood, stone or tile.

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Here’s a quick look at the most common types of vinyl flooring options that you would have:

1) Vinyl Sheet - Vinyl sheet flooring comes in solitary rolls, generally of six to twelve feet wide and are extremely easy to install. They are an extraordinary choice for high-dampness regions like bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, sheet vinyl flooring is more durable, affordable and can be created to provide stone, tile or hardwood visuals over concrete, tile, wood, old vinyl or underlayment.

2) Vinyl Plank - Vinyl planks, as you would expect, are an economical alternative to real hardwood planks, designed to give your floors the appearance and durability of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. They offer a lot more prominent features like stain resistance, moisture resistance, and easy maintenance while imitating natural wood species, colors, and textures.

3) Vinyl Tile – Another great type of flooring, although a little bit more expensive than sheet vinyl, an ideal choice for the people who love to design their own projects, comprises of different sized individual squares, which gives the appearance of stone tile when assembled. This flooring option enables you to make beautiful patterns while additionally providing the resemblance to ceramic tile and stone. Also, these individual tiles are easier to replace when any one of them is damaged. Usually, the cost of vinyl tiles ranges from $2.50 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot.

4) Luxury Vinyl Tile - Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT can be made to mimic almost any flooring style and for the design-lovers, these luxury tiles captures the similar stylish trends found in hardwood planks and natural stones. The real difference between an LVT and a standard vinyl tile is LVT’s ability to closely mimic the look and appearance of natural materials, such as Wood and Stone. LVT accomplishes this by its surface layer that has quite realistic photo created image, combined with textures that resemble that of the real materials.

If you’re willing to pay a little more money, you can find the authentic luxury tiles having rustic, traditional, exotic wooden and modern industrial designs inspired by reclaimed and petrified wood. Price-wise, you may find an LVT ranges from $4.29 per square foot to $7.50 per square foot.

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Benefits of Vinyl Flooring:

There are several reasons that makes vinyl flooring an extremely appealing and versatile flooring option for homeowners as it comes with a number of characteristics. Let’s dive into the benefits of using vinyl flooring and decide whether it is right for your home:

1) Wear-Resistance: If your home encounters a high level of pedestrian activity, then vinyl flooring is a great choice which resists wear and tear over time, while saving you big money on repair or replacement costs.

2) Impact Resistance: Vinyl flooring provides great resistance against collisions & crashes, allowing it to keep its shape regardless of whether you drop heavy objects on the floor.

3) Slip Resistance: In addition to resisting typical wear & impact, vinyl flooring is very slip-resistant, which helps you prevent frightful falls and increasing the overall safety of your home.

4) Heat Insulation: Vinyl flooring can be a great choice for places that experience higher temperatures, such as kitchens. It provides great resistance to heat, thus preventing your beautiful interiors from heat damage.

5) Sound-Proof: Do you live in a particularly noisy area? Don't worry, the multi-layer construction of vinyl flooring insulates sound, keeping your home noise-free.

6) Moisture-Proof: Usually, damage due to water leakage remains a major cause of concern for many homeowners, which is another reason to choose vinyl flooring. And because it is almost completely moisture-proof, it becomes the most suitable option for places that experience high volume of spillage like bathrooms and kitchens.

7) Easy to Install: No matter the type of vinyl flooring you choose, it's installation is very easy, thus reducing the length of your flooring project.

8) Easy to Clean: Since vinyl flooring often only requires soap or water to remove dust or stains, it becomes extremely easy to clean for homeowners with active lifestyles. Infact some vinyl floor brands also provide a guard against permanent markers, ketchup, mustard, and other tough stains.

9) Pet-Friendly: Since it is highly durable and very easy to clean, it becomes a good choice for homes with pets.

10) Less Expensive than Other Floor Types: And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, installation of vinyl flooring can be done at a much lower price as compared to other flooring options.

It’s no wonder why vinyl flooring is such a popular choice among homeowners! Its versatility offers endless options when it comes to home decorating, and its durability makes it extremely functional as well as a great choice for any home!

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