Noce Brown Opus Pattern Set Brushed Chiseled Edge

SKU: 10107453

Size: Opus Pattern (Large pattern)
Surface Finish: Brushed and Chiseled


If you are looking to give your home a dignified, old-world look, our Noce Brown Opus Pattern Set Travertine Tiles Brushed and Chiseled collection is the right choice for you. This natural stone tile from the best quarries in Turkey provides the rustic look of a centuries-old Mediterranean home passed down many generations so it is the perfect flooring choice for an Italian villa look. This high-quality natural stone tile from our MYNDOS brand offers:
  • A Natural, Warm and Welcoming Pattern
    • The natural stone pattern looks well-worn without the long wait.
  • Unique variation in color
    • No one tile looks the same, providing a unique look for your space so the color options will suit any decor.
  • Chiseled, Rectified Edges
    • For exact sizing and calibration, install without a grout joint. Sizes in the pattern are exact inch sizes. Therefore, the recommended installation is without a grout joint. The edging work on these tiles produce a hand-cut, rustic look and the least slippery finish available.
  • Limitless Layout Options
    • These tiles come in multiple sizes in a pattern set so you can lay it out in any pattern or style. It must be installed butt-jointed with no grout lines, increasing the possibilities for use on floors and patios.
  • Premium Quality Tiles
    • These tiles are manufactured according to the highest world standards.
  • Opus Pattern Set Dimensions
    • One pattern set includes the following sizes,
      • 12"x12"x1/2", 12"x24"x1/2", 24"x24"x1/2", 24"x36"x1/2" for a total of 396 square feet per crate.

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