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Introducing our comprehensive Ceiling-Mounted Shower System, designed for an unparalleled shower experience that combines functionality, style, and high-quality materials.

Optimized Water Flow:
Enjoy a water flow rate of 1.5 to 5.5 GPM, with a recommended water pressure of 70 to 90 PSI for the best performance.

Rainfall Shower Head:
The 12x12 inch or 16 x 16 inch shower head is made from durable stainless material, designed to provide a soothing rainfall experience.

Handheld Shower:
This system includes a handheld shower made of sturdy brass material. It is designed for high water pressure, ensuring a robust and thorough cleansing experience.

Shower Holder:
The shower holder, made of high-quality brass material, comes with an NPT 1/2'' male thread and flange, ensuring secure and stable mounting.

Flexible Shower Hose:
A 59-inch flexible stainless steel shower hose is included for added convenience and flexibility during your shower.

Body Jets:
Six 2-inch body jets with swivels offer high water pressure for a thorough and relaxing full-body cleanse. These are made of durable brass material and come with flanges.

Ceiling Arm:
The system includes a 9-inch ceiling arm made of brass, ensuring secure attachment of the shower head to the ceiling. It comes with an NPT 1/2'' male thread and flange for easy installation.

3-Way Digital Display Regular Valve:
Our system features a three-way digital display regular valve which allows each function to work separately, not all together. The digital display is powered by water flow, eliminating the need for batteries. Made of sturdy brass material, it comes with a pressure balance cartridge for optimal performance.

Package Includes:
The package comes with 1 shower head, 1 shower hose, 1 brass handheld shower, 1 brass shower holder, 1 valve with trim, and 6 2-inch brass body jets.

Experience a luxurious and comprehensive shower experience with our Ceiling-Mounted Shower System.

12-Inch or 16-Inch Brushed Gold Ceiling-Mounted Shower System - Features 3-Way Digital Display Anti-Scald Valve & Includes 6 Body Jets

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Size: 12'' non led rain head
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