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Serves As A Luxurious And Customizable Seating Solution

It is a blend of soft elegance and comfort with its oversized design and feathered back cushions. Representing luxury, it comes in various sizes, colors, and materials, featuring high-density sponge and a solid wood frame for a modern, inviting, and minimalist interiors.


  • This sofa boasts an inviting oversized structure for spacious and comfortable seating.
  • Feathered back cushions ensure a soft and comfortable seating experience.
  • Represents luxury and status, adding an upscale touch to any living space.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to suit individual preferences and diverse interiors.
  • Versatile enough to complement various living spaces, making it a versatile and adaptable furniture piece.


  • A - 71"x121" / 180x307cm
  • B - 71"x121" / 180x307cm
  • C - 71"x132" / 180x335cm
  • D - 71"x132" / 180x335cm
  • E - 71"x132" / 180x335cm + 21.6" / 55cm
  • F - 71"x132" / 180x335cm + 21.5" / 55cm
  • G - 71"x137.8" / 180x350cm
  • H - 71"x160" / 180x406cm


  • Customizable
Creates an inviting and warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and lounging.
The sofa features a gracefully curved back that seamlessly transitions into an extensive round chaise.

Amoenus Sofa

SKU: sku-47581401841964
Size: A - 71"x121" / 180x307cm
Color: Customizable
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