Cappuccino Dark Beige Standard Marble Tile Polished

SKU: 10085778

Size: 12"x24"x1/2"
Surface Finish: Polished


For the Imperial grandeur of marble, Truva marble tile represents an option in flooring and wall tile that carries thousands of years of human history and achievement behind it. Noted for its subtle and tasteful beige color spectrum, this selection of premium Truva marble tile hails from Turkey, the global center of marble tile production. Cut to size by the experts, Truva marble tile is ready to bring all kinds of spaces to life, from traditional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, to living areas, and beyond.

Cappuccino Dark Beige Standard Marble Tile offers,

  • Authentic, premium grade Turkish marble; richly varied marble tile with som veining for understated natural stone classical visual effects.
  • Refined, reflective surfaces; a polished finish that provides maximum natural light flow in spaces from entrance ways, to hallways, to kitchens, bathrooms and more.
  • Versatile applications for marble tile flooring and wall tile; create a subtle tonal backdrop on all kinds of horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoors and out.
  • Premium Grade

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