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  • 16G Thick Stainless Steel
  • Gunmetal Black Finish
  • PVD Nano Tech Coating
  • Sound Absorbing Technology
  • X Groove Designed for Easy Drainage
  • Small Radius for Easy Cleaning


  • ZA-B642 Gunmetal Sink
  • Solid Wood Cutting Board
  • Colander w/Wood Handles in Gunmetal
  • Two Stainless Steel Grids in Gunmetal
  • Two Basket Strainers in Gunmetal
  • Stainless Steel Roll-Up Matt in Gunmetal
  • Garbage Disposal Flange w/Stopper in Gunmetal
  • Installation Hardware


  • Outside Dimensions 33'"x22"
  • Dimensions 17"x16 3/4" | 13"x16 3/4
  • Depth 10"


    1. SOLID WOOD CUTTING BOARD: Highly constructed wood board will decorate your sink, maximize your workspace area & create a perfect workstation for all food prepping. With a little care and attention, your wood cutting board can last for years to come. There are two simple rules, do not soak in water (avoid dishwasher) & apply food grade oil on a regular basis to help from fading & warping. 

    2. ROLL UP MATT: Matching stainless steel roll up matt in gunmetal finish provides additional space over the sink to rinse produce, thaw frozen foods or dry dishes . It can also be used as trivet or cooling rack to protect your countertops.

    3. TWO SINK GRIDS: Two matching stainless steel sink grids in gunmetal finish protect the sink agains any scratches while allow you to directly place hot pots without worrying about leaving any ring marks.

    4. COLANDER: Matching stainless steel colander in gunmetal finish with wooden handles is a perfect multipurpose accessory for straining foods or rinsing fruits & vegetables. Also great to use as storage space or air-drying your kitchen utensils.

    5. GARBAGE DISPOSAL FLANGE W/ STOPPER: This accessory is made to be installed with your garbage disposal. It also comes with a stopper that allows you to plug the sink hole for soaking your dirty dishes.

    6. TWO BASKET STRAINERS: This accessory is used for sinks that do not have a garbage disposal. The removable deep basket prevents debris from clogging up the drain pipe.

    Zeek 33" Farmhouse Workstation 60/40 Bowl Gunmetal Matte Black Kitchen Sink With Accessories PVD Nano Tech Coating ENZO ZA-B642

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