Travertine Gold Stacked Stone Mosaic Tile Brick

SKU: DP-02-06

Surface Finish: Splitface
Size: 1"x2"


Travertine Stacked Stone Mosaic Tile Gold is a perfect texture for creating a classical sense of permanence to any space. More than suitable for busy, high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, this line of premium-quality travertine wall tile helps you achieve a spa-like atmosphere. This line of travertine mosaic wall tile also presents versatile textures for dens, studies, reading nooks, and any space you have in mind to create an atmosphere of serenity, and quiet reflection.

Travertine Stacked Stone Mosaic Tile Gold 1"x2" offers,

  • Reflects a varied, old-world style; subtle, earthy color variation for warm, visual effects
  • split-faced style adds rough-hewn, classical beauty for both interior and exterior walls
  • Versatile applications; kitchen walls, bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds, and more
  • Presents perfect companion for travertine tile flooring installations
  • Interlocking mesh-backed mosaic sheet approximately 1 sq. ft. (*please ensure you order enough coverage for offset)
Thickness varies due to natural stone material; average thickness ~12mm to ~20mm approximately. Installation Instruction:
  • Thinset
  • Installed without grout lines
Care & Maintenance:
  • Due to the porous nature of travertine, it needs to be sealed for Interior use to help prevent staining from spills. Do not use acidic cleaners. Sweep and mop. Blot up spills immediately.

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