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You can give your home a dignified, old-world look with this natural stone tile from the best quarries in Turkey. Our Classic Beige Travertine Tiles Antique Pattern provides the rustic look of a centuries-old Mediterranean home passed down many generations. Antique pattern is also known as French Pattern or Opus Pattern. The perfect flooring choice for an Italian villa look, this high-quality natural stone tile is our best-selling travertine tile pattern.

The Classic Beige Travertine Tiles Antique Pattern offers:

  • Brushed and Chiseled Finish: Leathering look on the surface and edges are specially chiseled to give an antique world looking. Brushed surface finishing is done after chiseling process is completed.
  • Antique Pattern comes with a wide variation from light beige to medium brown tones and adds a natural, warm and welcoming beauty to your house.
  • No one tile looks the same, providing a unique look, and the many color varieties will suit any decor
  • Tiles in the pattern are exact inch sizes and calibrated. Recommended installation is without a grout line. However, grout is still necessary in the chiseled edge of these tiles. The edging work on these tiles creates a hand-cut, rustic look and is the least slippery finish available.
  • Our Pattern sets come in 4 different sizes. We recommend must be installed butt-joint with no grout lines.
  • We only select and use premium grade travertine tiles are never use anything with lower grade or physical defected.
  • Antique Pattern Set consists of 1 - 16”x24”x1/2”, 2 - 16”x16” x1/2”, 1 - 8”x16” x1/2”, 2 - 8”x8x1/2”. Total of 8 square feet per box and a tile thickness of ½”
Travertine is a type of natural stone and formed around hot water springs. In general there are 2 measures that industry take into consideration while grading travertine and other marble tiles. These are variation and density.
Our Classic Beige Antique Pattern travertine gets 2 out of 5 for variation that is medium variation and for density it gets 3 out of 5 that is medium density.
  • Variation: 2/5
  • Density : 3/5
Variation is up to your taste but for density in general, denser is better for longevity, stain resistance and the wear-tear resistance. However softer and more porous stones will require more maintenance. As you might know porous stones absorption rate will be higher and they will stain more. On the other hand, you can prevent this by using a heavy duty sealer.

Classic Beige Travertine Tiles Antique Pattern Brushed and Chiseled - Livfloors Collection

Size: Antique Pattern
Surface Finish: Brushed and Chiseled
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Technical Specifications

Application Floor and Wall
Size Pattern 1-16″x24″, 2-16″x16″, 1-8″x16″, 2-8″x8
Color Beige
Color Variation High Variation (V4)
Thickness (in.) 0.5"
Material Travertine
Edge type Chiseled
Country Of Origin Turkey
Water Absorption Rate less than 3%
Surface Finish Brushed and Chiseled
Frost Resistant No
Grade Grade 1
Installation Method Thinset & Grout
Proposition 65 No

Packaging Specifications

Sqft/Piece N/A
Sqft/Pallet 416
Pallet Weight (Lbs) 2460
Pallet Dimension(LxWxH): 48.03" x 24.41" x 29.53"
Certificates will be updated soon.

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