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Have you ever wondered why selecting tiles for your home/office space is a challenging task? Well, it's because tiles create the vibe of your space. We often get confused when selecting floor tiles because we want to give out only the best vibes. 

At Villohome, we understand that only the best designer tiles can please your eyes and soul. We offer a wide range of designer tiles that are uniquely designed to fulfill your aesthetic sense and decide your place's vibes. 

With time, we observe the need to have a calm and comfortable aura. This can easily be achieved by having a slight sense of exquisiteness. When deciding the floor tiles of your space, you should always end your search at the best tile store near you. With tiles ruling the current decor market, we need to expand our knowledge base to make the selection process a bit easy. 

Buyers who are generally clueless about the market often end up in a frenzy because of the long list of options thrown at them. Worry not; we are here to help you sail smoothly through this confusing world of tiles. 

The art of finding the best floor tiles 

The art of finding the best floor tiles

We understand the prominence of flooring and tiles in your space. Like any other floor tiles, subtle and muted color tiles are always the first choice among customers. Although with time, this thought process has taken a shift, and buyers are now more opting for the designer and geometric patterns. 

Be it the kitchen tiles, shower tiles, backsplash, or other buyers are now experimenting with patterns and colors. This experimentation has birthed designer tiles that are unique and eye-catching. It's the pattern and color variations that make designer tiles strikingly beautiful. 

Everyone dreams of having a comfortable and cozy space that defines them in a personalized manner. To enjoy such vibes, we'll suggest you stop by the best tiles store near you and lay your hands on the most unique and finely-crafted floor tiles.
When selecting tiles, keep your eyes on-

  • The color scheme- You'll always want your kitchen tiles, shower tiles, and floor tiles to complement each other and be in sync with the overall color scheme of your space. 
    Shower Tiles

Advice- As per the latest trends in the market, subtle and pastel shades are the talk of the town.

  • The Patterns- Buyers are now more open towards geometric patterns as they give creative and unique vibes to your space. The geometric patterns and the metallic and wooden-looking patterns are winning the hearts of buyers. This variety in pattern brings class and style to your space.
wooden-looking patterns
  • The Material- The material is another significant point to keep in mind while choosing your floor tiles. Markets are flooding with tiles in glass, ceramic, porcelain, etc. Each material enjoys its own set of pros. Thus, it would help if you had an eye for detail. 
  • The Finish- The finish of the tiles also decides the vibe and look of your space. Buyers get a plethora of options to choose from. Some of the most prominent finishes include- glossy, matte, honed, polished, etc. The finish decides the complete look of your space. 

Advice- If looking for a classy and muted look, you should always go for matte finish floor tiles as they look rich and stylish. 

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