Is Marble Tile Sheets the most trending thing in this day and age?

With the wide amount of information available on the web today, it is quite easy to become confused when it comes to making a purchase decision from various available tile options.

Picking the right kind of tile is just the initial segment of your selection process. Since you need to make too many other choices as well such as what kind of finish to choose? What size should you go with? or whether a tile or a natural stone would be the most appropriate option for your project? At Villohome, our attempt is to minimize this decision making process by offering you a vast collection of tiles and natural stone options. Speaking of natural stone, at Villohome, we have a broad collection of unique marble tile sheets. Everybody has a different taste and there is no single alternative that fits all kinds of project’s needs. Especially, when it comes to choosing the right kind of marble tile, the right “Finish” of the tile that you’re going to use for any space plays a vital role in any project. Take a look at some of the finishes offered by our online tile outlet, Villohome.


A polished finish marble tile has a highly reflective surface, The texture is very smooth and isn't permeable. It’s also easier to keep polished finish marble tiles clean and free from stains since the pores are sealed properly.


Honed stone presents a matte finish. The surface is smooth to the touch, but has more of a dull texture with little to no reflection. It is fairly porous and natural looking; the color visibly will be lighter as compare to a polished finish.


A brushed finish is obtained by brushing the surface of the marble tile sheets with a rotary wire or brush until the desired texture is achieved.


Usually tumbled tiles have a soft and smooth look with slightly rounded edge and corners. Tumbled finish is achieved when many pieces of stone that have been cut to the same size are placed in a rubber coated or plastic barrel with grout and water. TIP: The various options and veining textures make the polished marble tiles a popular choice as flooring tiles. Besides the various textures available as described above, the smooth and shiny feel of this natural stone can make any interior look more elegant and once you choose a marble tile flooring for your kitchens and Hallways, you’ll certainly change them from boring areas to an essential element of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Explore unbelievable Flooring ideas with Marble tiles only at Villohome.
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