What is better tile, marble or wooden floors?

Floor maintenance can become a haunting and daunting task if you are not focused well on the reasons to invest in a specific type amongst a plethora. Modern-day decor depends not on durability but great style, a fantastic aura, and a gorgeous ambiance. Be it the flooring, upholstery, furniture, ceiling, or tiles, every element in the decor should sound rhythmic to the mood dispensing nothing but soothe and the class. The scenery you choose demands voguish flooring, particularly when it comes to the overall appearance of a defining setting. A greater emphasis is laid on the choice of an imperial flooring dress-up to leave historical and impounding imprints on the hearts of the visitors.

Factors of comparison between tile, marble, and wooden flooring

Factors of comparison between tile, marble, and wooden flooring

Flooring has been the plimsoll line to finish a room with clean and margined surfaces drawn to display abstract beauty. Although carpets have traditionally been the copybook flooring method, the modern-day decor admires hardwood. Tiles, marbles, wood, laminate, vinyl, etc., there is just no rule that prohibits the usage of different types of flooring options. You are free to adorn your room with unique and more symbolical flooring methods for a more harmonious look. Just the proper comparisons, adequate quality, practical investment, and your reason to invest in the floor type have to be precise! We have put forth some factors that compare tile, marble, and wooden flooring types to highlight individuality in different sectors for a correct choice!

1) Raw material

Marble is a form of metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized material most commonly known as limestone. The white marble made for flooring is the purest form of limestone available on the earth’s surface. While you can install marble flooring throughout your entire home, adding a pop of marble flooring in the master bathroom, foyer, kitchen, or living room is a perfect way to use the stone. The flooring type gives a soft and elegant look.

Tiling is a unique flooring option to acquire the modern-day plush. Definitely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and comes with innumerable styling options outshining the others. These tiles are made from glass, cork, granite, concrete, and most importantly the materials including porcelain, fired clay, or ceramic with a shiny look. Available in both shiny and rough surfaces, tile flooring is amongst the popular options available in 2021.

Wooden flooring is available as hardwood flooring,  laminated flooring, and engineered flooring. Wooden flooring is a variant of solid hardwood floors that come in a massive range of styles, with each plank being made of solid wood as the top-most wearable surface of the floor.  

2) Finishing

Marble flooring comes with a sizzling style and features an exquisite finish. Polished, hone, or abrasive, the flooring type exhibits natural beauty, and its finish works well with a particular decor. Every marble floor type has a classy vibe and an imperial gesture that provides an even look. 

Tiles nowadays are being made with nanotechnology comprising decorated styles that are vastly growing in trend. Its various styles and patterns look pretty stylish for a room to feel brighter and lighter. Glazed, glossy, matte, honed, lappato, etc., tiles use reflective properties of light for your space illumination. 

Wooden as a part of hardwood cherishes some exceptional beauty of its own and has been fashionable for a while now! Being considered rich and stylish wooden flooring comes in multiple patterns that add subtle warmth and a hint of sophistication!

3) Maintenance

Marble is easy to clean and maintain and can be repolished to bring the luster back. The porous flooring type absorbs the stains quickly, and it’s advisable to wipe out the stain if any. Marble requires regular cleaning for the surface to appear smooth and shiny. Polish can be done after the recommended time interval.

Easily wiped, mopped, and cleaned, tiles are easy to clean and maintain. It would help if you made sure that the tile implementation is done superbly. Providing a leveled flooring type and maintenance is not a big deal here.

Mostly endangered because of moisture retention, wooden flooring needs quick and effective removal of any moisture on the surface through a wipe, mop, or vacuum cleaner. The flooring type is the most difficult to maintain as it is also susceptible to dust, dirt, and grit. The flooring is also prone to discoloration and can easily catch stains.

4) Appearance and quality

Known for superior, royal, and decorative appearance, marble flooring is durable and premium quality. The flooring type is referred to as the iconic style symbol. Appearing as a smooth and glazy finish, marble flooring is comfortable and soothing with a naturally illuminating shine.

Brightened with a uniform color and texture, tiles are firm enough to break any resistance, scuff, or cracking. With edges sharp and perfectly right-angled, the flooring type is strong and easy to lay. Considered an architect’s marvel, the flooring type comes in infinite combinations of design, styles, and patterns.

Wooden flooring looks luxurious and cozy and, if merged with another type of flooring, can give a designer look to a room. The grandeur of this extremely durable flooring type holds a splendor. The hardwood is one-of-a-kind flooring type designed to add a scarce but appears outrageously cool to outclass the best inline.

Compare and choose what suits you best!

Compare and choose what suits you best!

The modern style relies on modern-day decor, and the latter relies heavily on unconventional flooring types. Highlighting a shift from the times when the carpet was the only staple flooring cover for every decor, the contemporary designs at present synonymize beauty at its best. Be it vinyl, laminate, hardwood, marble, tile, or any other, all contribute inexpensively to enhance the interior with the vibrance of great colors, patterns, and persona to your surroundings.

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