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Unleash your inner superhero with our captivating canvas wall art titled "Batman Mugshot Blue" This unique artwork features a mugshot photo of the iconic Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City, transformed into a striking halftone effect. The blue and white color scheme adds a touch of classic elegance, while the gritty texture of the halftone effect amplifies the intensity of the piece. "Batman Mugshot Blue" is the perfect addition to any comic book fan's collection, bringing a sense of mystery and vigilante justice to your space. Whether displayed as wall art, canvas art, or framed art, this piece is sure to make a bold statement and ignite your imagination. Embrace the enigmatic allure of Batman and the world of crime fighting with this extraordinary artwork.

Artist: ArtBird Studio

Batman Mugshot Blue Canvas

SKU: sku-40694486335573
Size: 12 x 18in
Type: Canvas
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