Beige Travertine Pavers Unfilled Tumbled


Size: 6"x12"x1 1/4"
Surface Finish: Tumbled


Our Beige Travertine Pavers Tumbled is a great choice for your outdoor living spaces such as patios, terraces, backyards. It has a warm beige tone with some nice color variation, it creates a nice contrast with your garden or your outdoor furniture. Travertine is a porous stone which makes it one of the best material for outdoor use. Our beige travertine pavers tumbled comes unfilled finish. Those holes are not being filled that makes our travertines breath and do not keep water and moisture inside the stone. Even your concrete or sand bed beneath the stones get humid travertine still gets some air there. Another great advantage for our beige travertine pavers tumbled, it does not get too hot under direct sunlight and tumbled finish rounds off all the edges makes these pavers "barefoot friendly stone".

Beige Travertine Pavers offers,

  • Beige travertine comes with a wide variation from light beige to medium brown tones and adds a natural, warm and welcoming beauty.
  • Not slippery.
  • Doesn't get too hot or cold.
  • Easy to replace some tiles if needed in the future.
  • No one tile looks the same, providing a unique look, and the many color varieties will suit any decor
  • Pavers are exact inch sizes and calibrated. Recommended installation is without a grout line
  • Can be installed on a sandbed or concrete bed.
  • We only select and use premium grade travertine tiles and never use anything with a lower grade or with physical defects.
  • Travertine is a type of natural stone and formed around hot water springs. In general, there are 2 measures that the industry takes into consideration while grading travertine and other marble tiles, variation, and density.
Beige Travertine Pavers tumbled gets 3 out of 5 for variation that means medium variation and for density it gets 3 out of 3 that is medium density.
  • Variation: 3/5
  • Density : 3/5
Variation is up to your taste but for density in general denser is better for longevity, stain resistance, and the wear-tear resistance. In general, softer and more porous stones will require more maintenance. As you might know, porous stones absorption rate will be higher and they will stain a lot easier. On the other hand, you can always prevent this by using a heavy-duty sealer but that will cost you more as well.
Here is a 360-degree video from our factory,

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