Is A Stone Sink Right For Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen is the heart of your safe haven. Each element, including your kitchen sink, together constitutes the elegant sight you run into every day. 

The kitchen sink is a multifunctional spot. It means that whatever material it is made from needs to be durable, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance. Something that would stand up to daily usage. The first material that comes to mind is stainless steel. Right? But that’s too common nowadays. How about a natural stone sink?

natural stone kitchen

A natural stone kitchen sink can surely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. From contemporary and sleek interiors to more rustic or traditional décors, the eccentrics of natural stone have the capability to shine and make a statement. The best part of a natural stone sink is that every piece of it is intrinsically different, exuding a unique charm.

Below, we have discussed a few splendid natural stone kitchen sinks. Let’s dive deep into it.  

Marble sink:

Kitchen Sink

The majestic marble is known for bringing a lavish feel to the space they are used, even in the kitchen as a sink. However, for many, the idea of having a marble sink in the kitchen may be hard to swallow. So, here is a fact, marble has been used in kitchens for centuries. You may have a misconception about the marble holding on to stubborn stains, but that’s not the case. Marble, in fact, is denser than many other materials being sold for kitchen countertops, hence a durable addition to your kitchen. 

Polished marble will show the effect of acidic food items like lemon juice. The acid will dull the shining. However, honed marble will conquer even that issue. Honed marble can be smoothed with a scrubber pad to vanish the etched marks. And at last, a good sealer would save the day. 

Travertine sink

Travertine Sink

Travertine is a sedimentary limestone deposited over time by mineral springs located worldwide, notably in Italy. The same place where the name travertine was coined.

It is available in different elegant color tones and unique patterns, depending on the mineral present. Its color tones may range from cream, and yellow, to light brown, beige, and red. Travertines are popularly used for flooring, given their eccentric natural rustic charm. its warm tones will add a peculiar character to your kitchen. Being one of the hard stones, travertines are more durable than marble and can easily take on physical wearing.   

Limestone sink

Limestone is also a sedimentary rock. Its burnished beauty makes it a style statement in your kitchen. It's more porous than the other stones mentioned here, so sealing is necessary. Sealing creates a barrier that prevents the stone from absorbing liquids and stains and signs of other wear-tear. Limestone sinks infuse natural elegance into any space they take. For maintenance, you can wipe it from time to time and that’s all.  And since it has no crevices, so no issue of bacteria finding hidden places to thrive. Enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic with the natural limestone sink that would stand out and astonishingly blend in at the same time

Looking for Other Options?

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