6 Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Options

Even though being a forever fascination, kitchen floors are one amongst those applied and used a lot. Between spills and drips to heat and dropped utensils, kitchen flooring goes through the ultimate wear and tear.

Despite being overused, the flooring space needs to accept all gracefully and keep smiling with the most appropriate balancing style, maintenance, comfort, and functionality. Besides being practical and durable, your kitchen floor has to be a major design statement as well. From the texture to the color and the design, the flooring has to be the perfect amalgamation chosen to suit a particular surrounding. 

Most popular kitchen flooring options

There is no doubt that well-maintained flooring is a gift to your kitchen premises. Ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles come in various styles and are perfectly acclimatized when laid down in particular surroundings. 

1) Solid Hardwood
Solid Hardwood

With the advent of stronger, more durable polyurethane products and sealers, solid hardwood has become a superior choice for kitchens. Factory-finished solid hardwood floors stay durable and provide the ultimate strength and finish to the flooring space. Even though the hardwood flooring is susceptible to dents and scratches, their fine finish and an unmatchable polish provide a refinement that keeps them safe in the long run. A timeless classic, these versatile flooring types make your kitchen flooring space invaluable.

2) Engineered hardwood
Engineered hardwood

Costing less than the solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood floors have a plywood core sandwiched between veneers of real, solid wood. Engineered hardwood flooring is a compact cluster of plywood core sandwiched between thin decorative covering, making them extremely strong and providing resistance to shrinkage, breaking, or any other form and type of tarnish. The luxe of this very elegant and sophisticated flooring type is breathtaking. Getting these installed is a way to break the stereotypical flooring pattern changing it into a much more dynamic version with a contemporary look.

3) Vinyl
Vinyl flooring

One of the most durable yet the least expensive flooring options. Perfectly resistant to dents and scratches, the flooring type comes in sheets, planks, and snap-together tiles. The tile type is available in innumerable styles and designs. Any under this category is best suited to a particular decor and brightens up the space with utmost class and aura. These tiles more convincingly mimic the luxury of the engineered hardwood flooring types. These prove a suitable choice when moving ahead with a tight budget. 

4) Ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles
Being both scratch-resistant and impervious to moisture, the tiling option is a great addition to your kitchen and bathroom space. The tile type features a glazy surface with the ultimate shine harboring good positive vibes and connection with the surrounding decor. Fashionable yet discreet, the tiling type is known for its rigidity and provides an added layer of protection against drops and stains. It is easy to clean and maintain and provides a comfortable, cozy platform. The tile type can be laid down in various patterns and designs to suit your comfort factor. 

5) Porcelain tiles
Porcelain tilesSynonymizing well with their ceramic counterparts, porcelain tiles are the next big thing in the flooring market. These are strong, durable, stain-resistant, and turn surprisingly attractive for high foot traffic. These are easy to clean and absorb very little moisture. Dealing with high load dispensation, the load withstanding capacity of these is simply exquisite. The flooring option tends to last better over the years than standard ceramic tile. 

6) Natural stone

Natural stone tiling is sturdy, durable, and provides good traction. They find a more prominent usage due to being less porous than the other tiling options in the same category, including granite or marble. A long-lasting flooring choice for your kitchen, the details are different for each piece, making each tile unique. High polish quality, great tiling shape, a plethora of color and design choices, etc., make them a distinguished option adorning an individual's kitchen space. 


Your tile being an inseparable part of your kitchen premises, your cautiousness towards choosing the right tile type becomes more of a priority than just a choice. A choice that garners the profound ambiance to your space that concludes the decor. The kitchen, a paradise of foodies, needs to be dressed up with striking tiling classics that redefine a space and its aesthetics. Villohome, the home where a family lives, expands, and thrives, moves in one voice, intending to give you the ultimate flooring experience to meet the kitchen utility needs adequately. The brand and its partners make sure your living space gets the garnish it deserves. Our partners working closely make sure we are a haven for a comprehensive tiling experience. 

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Go for a tile that suits your kitchen space ideally

Lifestyle, style sense, comfort, ease of cleaning, there are various factors to be considered when it comes to a tiling type suited for your kitchen. Choose floors that are complementary to the kitchen surroundings. Be it rustic, modern, retro, or cutting-edge contemporary, the kitchen's size will determine the choice of the colors, patterns, and textures needed to suit an allocation. Choose a material that's easy to clean, water-resistant, and not prone to staining!

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