Living room environment: Tiles for a living space

Designing and furnishing your living room space becomes all the more creative when the idea is to utilize the space to the fullest to serve the intended purpose. Everything from the decor to the furniture and the tiling is chosen to make this very place of association not just purposeful but lively.

Pick from a stunning range of tiling options

When talking of the decor, floors and walls are an excellent choice to spruce up the surroundings. Bringing a significant difference in the aura of the room, the presence of these lavish-looking tiles create a resplendent decor, with the flamboyant interiors rejuvenating the surroundings awe-inspiringly. Villohome brings home the luxury of these palatial-looking tiles for your living room space. Let’s sit down to discuss a vibrant range of floor and wall tiles and the laurels they add most naturally. 



Ceramic and porcelain are decent options for small living rooms. Your living room can replicate any look and feel with this very fashionable and cost-effective alternative. Besides their durability, these are easy to clean and maintain and add a sense of charm to the already bedazzling living space. From lively colors to glamorous patterns, both porcelain and ceramic feature modern and elegant living room floor and wall tile designs. 

2) Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

With a mesmerizing sheen and a huge range of color options, glass tiles are jewels of the artistic home design. From glimmering gold to pristine white tones, the contrasting hues of such soothing shades tell a story or two about your living room’s resplendence. The reflective property of the glass adds a hint of beauty and sophistication even when done in small installations. Their gloss got something to offer to the audiences sprucing your space in a snap. 

3) Natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring

Natural stone tiles are resilient, beautiful, easy to maintain, and give your living room a very aesthetically pleasing appeal. The tile option guarantees an ideal finish and carries patterns that best match your living room profile. Granite, limestone, marble, travertine, etc., create a naturally elegant look. Timeless and highly durable, the natural stone tiling options prove excellent if you dream of luxury at its best.

4) Luxury vinyl flooring 

Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring holds great dominance flooding the market with a vibrant range of tiling options for your living room. Durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, etc., their features perfectly tell what significance the flooring type holds for attaining a mind-boggling decor. The subtly elegant look and an amazingly stylish finish are all that matter. Luxury vinyl flooring makes sure the focus is on style, design, and color aesthetics

Let them fall in love with the beauty

Your living room space is a cradle to the heavens! A place where you get to meet the true essence of love and togetherness. The space is the hotspot of positivity and good vibes dedicated to the everyday life of the residents. Time to bring home the luxury of tiling carved to brighten up the essence your living room puts forth elegantly. The best tiling variety will not just illuminate every corner of the room but will also accentuate the environment with an overpowering ornate.

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