All you need to know about Travertine Tiles

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a kind of terrestrial natural stone (limestone) exclusively found near mineral 

springs, especially hot springs. This limestone has a remarkable appearance and is usually found in a range of colors like tan, white, cream-colored, and even rusty varieties.

Like granite and marble, travertine is commonly used for the purpose of flooring in houses, offices, etc., and it is available in the market in a variety of interesting textures. 

Textured Finishes Available In Travertine Tiles

  • Tumbled Texture: Tumbled travertine is treated with water and grit to look aged and rustic, reflecting the beautiful aesthetics of old times.
  • Brushed Texture: Brushed travertine has a non-reflective surface and somewhat rough texture due to wire brush strokes
  • Honed Texture: Slightly ground down to get smooth, consistent texture with a matte finish surface and are slip-resistant                                                                              
  • Polished Texture: Polished travertine has a smooth texture and a gloss or semi-gloss surface finish that can be reflective depending on the polish.

With an extensive range of textures, travertine tiles are an astonishing attraction and the favored flooring option that can stoically withstand extreme wear and tear. Travertine makes an archaic yet trendy addition to any space.

Features of Travertine Tiles

Features of Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles, being the unique flooring option, bring one of a kind natural, and rustic touch to the home. We have here listed some of the qualities of travertine tiles that have made it a preferred choice of many.

  • Easy Maintenance- the natural stone doesn’t require much care, and it can survive high footfall very easily
  • Featuring Preferred Shapes and Sizes- its uniform structure makes its grinding and cutting easy hence customized shapes and sizes are easily available
  • Affordable- low-cost stone due to its availability
  • Durable-a perfect match for indoor as well as an outdoor flooring option
  • Availability- due to its slow density transportation is easy; hence it is readily available in the market  
  • Remarkable Visual Appearance- the natural hues and striking patterns set it apart from the rest 

How To Take Care Of Your Travertine Flooring

Travertine Flooring

Only bringing home this exquisite beauty can’t be called a job done well. The job actually starts from here. Maintaining it and taking care of it is part of the perpetual job and has its own rewards, such as longevity, scenic view, etc. Even the most durable and low-maintenance things require maintenance. Hence, here for you, we have brought a collection of best practices to ensure that the magnificent aesthetic element of your home stays at your service for a long time.

  • Travertine floors require a light cleaning. Hence, sweeping and mopping once a week is advisable. 
  • Make sure to use a damp mop. 
  • Prevent the liquid from seeping into the travertine’s pores.
  • Regular mopping will ensure that no dust particles settle into the natural pores. 
  • Disinfect travertine floors once a month to ensure hygiene in the pores

Popular Travertines Tiles To Escalate The Beauty Of Your Home

Flooring is a crucial part of your home design. Not only does it elevate your space's overall look but it also enhances your home's vibe. Serving as a base of your interior design, it significantly contributes to bringing your imagination into its physical form. Hence selecting the most befitting flooring that resonates well becomes essential.

Today, various elegant flooring options are available in the market for you to select what best suits your vision and style. Travertine tile is one of those stupendous flooring options you can’t say no to. Its old rustic charm is quite hard to resist. Read further to learn about some popular travertine that can amplify the glamour of your space.

silver travertine vein cut

Flaunting its magnificent silver hues with antique aesthetics, silver antique pattern travertine floor tile is the perfect match for your home space with high footfall. The color not only looks elegant but also beautifully conceals the wear and tear marks of the traffic it receives.

Next, we have in grey shade silver travertine vein cut tile with a hone texture finish. It is a Turkish travertine tile with enthralling patterns. This durable travertine tile matches the neutral color palette of your cozy corner well.

Lastly, we would like to present to you the travertine fascinatingly carrying a lovely rustic charm, mina rustic travertine tile. It is capable of entrancing you with just a look. The raw and rustic look in the beautiful beige spectrum takes you back to the magnificent castle you had imagined being the owner of in your childhood.    

These popular travertines are surely the most intriguing addition to any space be it indoors or outdoors. And not just the popular ones, you can select from a huge collection of travertine tiles available at Villohome, where you would find the travertine tile that best fits your home designs.

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Explore our featured Travertine Tiles products from our "Special Order" collection. You can also customize your Travertine Tile order with us under our "Special Order" program which means if the mentioned sizes/finishes/shape does not match your requirement, you can now customize your order with us. Delivery time is 45-60 days once the order is placed as your order will be included in our next container coming to our US warehouses from our manufacturing plant located overseas.

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