How Marble Gives a Rich Appearance to the House Floors?

If you are looking to upscale your home aesthetically and want something that speaks elegance and comfort at the same time, consider marble tile flooring for your home. They not only add a subtle charm but also make the home seem more spacious and effortlessly luxurious. Moreover, with today’s latest marble flooring designs, you can personalize the type of flooring you want (including size!). 

Marble tile flooring has a rich history of being preferred by homeowners who wanted their homes to have a pleasing and luxurious appearance. Derived from metamorphic rock, marble has incredible properties that make it a great value addition to your home design. 

The 6 Benefits of Opting for Marble Floor Tile

Wide range of options to choose from: Whether you are looking for marble mosaic floor tile or classic black and white marble floor tile, you can be certain you will find what you are looking for. The options are truly endless and you can find marble tiles that fit your home’s theme seamlessly.

Alternatively, you can also opt to choose marble tile flooring first and then design the interiors of your home accordingly. Either way, marble tile flooring offers a solid foundation to build your home’s theme. 

Marble Floor Tile

Highly durable: Marble tile flooring, with regular cleaning and care, can last longer than traditional tiles and show little to no signs of damage. Natural marble is known for its purity and pristine look, and its durability is higher than synthetic tiles. They, in fact, are durable enough to last a lifetime. This makes them ideal for homes as well as commercial use. It is worth noting that marble flooring doesn't need special care. A basic cleaning routine can do wonders and keep the marble tiles shining! 

Hardwearing nature and resistant to shattering: One cannot always be careful especially with heavy objects. While synthetic tiles bear damage (they can even break if the object is too heavy), natural marble is tougher and resistant to shattering especially if a heavy load falls on it due to its hard-wearing surface. Thus, with marble tile flooring, you will never have to worry about shattering.

Marble has excellent insulation properties: Marble’s natural insulation property makes it ideal for creating an ambiance that suits the weather. Marble tile flooring stays relatively cool during summer days. Whereas during winter, it remains warm. 

This property makes it excellent as a flooring option especially if you have pets or toddlers who enjoy being on the floor more than spending time on a couch. Additionally, this property also helps save costs involved with cooling or heating systems. 

grey colored marble tiles

Makes the room seem more spacious: The timeless charm of marble tile flooring can be credited to its light-reflecting property. This makes the room seem more spacious and brighter. This is a popular reason why many people opt for marble mosaic floor tile or even white marble floor tiles. 

Additionally, with the right decoration lights, you can instantly alleviate the aesthetic appearance of your living space. 

If you are looking to create a plush and sophisticated ambiance, consider black marble floor tile as an option. The color black creates a wholesome feeling while also looking stylish. Alternatively, if looking for a serene and peaceful ambiance, opt for marble mosaic floor tile in beige tones or white marble floor tiles. In case you want a neutral look, consider opting for grey colored marble tiles


Versatile in terms of use: Marble tiles flooring can be used anywhere. From marble bathroom floor tiles to swimming pool marble flooring needs, natural stone can be used anywhere. Moreover, with a vivid range of colors available, there's always the option of customization to fit your needs. 

Villohome Online Flooring

At VilloHome, we are devoted to ensuring you get marble floor tile options unlike anywhere else. Whether you are looking for classic black and white marble floor tile or want customized tiles to your preferred shape or size, Villohome promises that you get nothing but the best! 

Note: Explore our featured Marble Tiles products from our "Special Order" collection. You can also customize your Marble Tile order with us under our "Special Order" program which means if the mentioned sizes/finishes/shape does not match your requirement, you can now personalize your order with us. Delivery time is 45-60 days once the order is placed as your order will be included in our next container coming to our US warehouses from our manufacturing plant located overseas.

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Trusted Vendors of Villohome

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