Hardwood Floor Textures: What Are The Most Popular?

Where do you live? In a house or a home? Don’t get confused. A house is simply the building where one lives whereas, a home is a place where one feels he/she belongs. The sense of belongingness comes from the things that the place has. Be it a tent, an underground cave, or an apartment. Any place that resonates with the vision and taste one has, will surely become its home. So, we fill our houses with all the things that reflect our style and preference. From Wall paints to furniture and everything else that goes into it including one of the most welcoming aspects of a home- hardwood flooring. 

Talking about flooring, with time and trends designers have come up with a number of flooring textures so that we all can find a felicitous texture on the floor that would reflect your style, and taste and goes well with the theme of the interiors of the home. In simple terms, Hardwood floor texture is the feeling that you get when you touch the surface of the hardwood floor. It adds character to your space, gives it a visual appeal as well as enhances the value of your home. Let’s read further to find out more about these beautiful textures and the ideal places to use them.

The Most Popular Hardwood Floor Texture

Wire Brushed Texture

Wire Brushed Hardwood Floor

The wire-brushed hardwood has an irregular surface that can be felt by touching it. This irregular pattern on the surface is obtained by using a hard-bristled brush on the wooden plank.

The most suitable wood that is used to make the wired brushed hardwood flooring is hickory and oak. Being a hardwood, these display the most interesting and fine-looking texture when the hard bristle brush is used on them.  

Characteristic Feature

The brushed wooden plank has its distinctive characteristic lines running along the length of the plank. These lines are the outcome of the wired brush used on it. These lines give the flooring a visually appealing rustic look.

Wire Brushed Texture is Ideal for

Outdoor flooring or farmhouse interior. The rough and ready surface of the hardwood floor gives a weary rustic look. The irregular brushed patterns are a perfect match for a space that has more footfalls as the wear and tear of time would be less visible and if it would be visible it would look more like the part of the flooring design. 

Hand Scraped Texture
Handscraped wood floor

Handscraped wood floor texture, as the name suggests is created by sanding the wooden flooring by hand. The flooring professionals use this traditional way of creating an elegant natural texture on the plank that adds picturesque beauty to the floor of your home. From softwood maple to hardwood hickory, various kinds of wood are used to make these textures that perfectly conceal the signs of age on it. 

Characteristic Feature

The most distinctive feature of hand-scraped wood floors is the unique rough finish on each plank as scraping is done manually. These unique textured planks are created using tools like a draw knife, hand scraper, and even chisels. The process of hand scraping leaves distinct groves and streaks on the floor, giving the planks an old antique look that is perfect to add a retro character to your space.

Hand-Scraped Texture Fits Best To 

Spaces that have frequent footfalls as it is easy to maintain. This texture on floors is a beautiful match to historical homes, cabins, and lodges as they complement the vintage look of the space. They are also ideal for people looking for a low-maintenance durable flooring options as these keep the scratches and abrasions out of sight.

Distressed Texture
distressed floor texture in hardwood flooring

Distressed is a term used for the things that carry clear worn-out signs of age with time. However, The distressed floor texture in hardwood flooring is not obtained naturally but created artificially with the help of machines, stains, and the right finish. Since these textures are made commercially on a large scale so they are comparatively cheaper than the ones that are created manually.

Characteristic Feature

The characteristic feature of this texture is the repetitive patterns of dings, cracks, scratches, blackening of edges, etc. that are created by the machinery. These details elegantly enhance the old vintage look of the space.  

Distressed Texture is Ideal For

The spaces that receive high footfall as it modishly camouflages any scratches or dents it might receive over time. It is a practical choice for homeowners with pets and children as it doesn’t demand much maintenance and care. 

Smooth Texture
smooth wood floor texture

The smooth wood floor texture is the most common texture that can be seen almost everywhere. Usually, created with high-grade wood, it is sanded down to get a uniform and regular surface with even thickness and a smooth texture coupled with a glossy finish.
Characteristic Feature

The characteristic feature of this texture is the unvarying regularity on the surface. Unlike the other distressed flooring, the smooth texture of hardwood floorings comes without any signs of wear and tear and has an exquisitely neat finish.

Smooth Texture is Ideal For  

Places that receive low traffic like your bedrooms. As the finish and texture are smooth so it requires significant care and maintenance. And any scratch or dent will be more visible on the floor. The best thing about these smooth texture hardwood floors is that it doesn’t serve as a hideout for dirt or dust and clearly indicate that the floor needs cleaning and thus help in maintaining hygiene in the place.     

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