How to choose floor and wall tiles for my bathroom, for a better look?

A more cohesive look is what your bathroom stands for! The fact quoted true with the resplendence of floor and wall tiles clearing the clutter and boasting of the monochromatic colors all draped in coordinating patterns pairing with the aesthetically pleasing lighting and accessories, tiles in a bathroom is a statement of the most exotic, modern, and flaunting look of all times. These certainly are the retrospective approach to every bathroom premises.

Factors to consider while picking the top-notch quality floor and wall tiles for your bathroom

The bathroom is sensitive, and choosing wall and floor tiles can often become daunting! You could overwhelm yourselves with an abundance of choices at the very same time. Not just the right look and feel, you also have to opt for those that are safe, provide the best possible application, and are well-suited to your bathroom space. Tiles are traditionally used to address the wet areas of the room that is around the bath and within the shower enclosure, not just adding a hint of a decorative appeal but giving your settings the feel of a lifetime. They also are a modern-day setting to waterproof your bathroom walls. Firstly, there is no doubt why a full tile bathroom speaks off the decor and its vibe, and secondly, choices that define your space also matter the most. It, however, becomes all the more important to apprehend their reasons before selecting the specific floor and wall tiles because most homeowners enjoy the cohesive look of the covered walls coming in affordably!

A good rule to follow is to keep the flooring darker than the walls and ceiling, but feel free to be adventurous and break away from this rule. Choose a style that is the ideal designation for the place you love the most to connect with! Let us now look at the factors that help you choose a tile that defines your space as an adequate fit with a tinge of elegance and a garnish of sophistication added to it! 

1) Select the tile material most cautiously

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles are prone to getting extremely slippery. Therefore, you must always choose anti-skid or matte finish tiles because they give the amazing support and grip you need from the most applicable floor and wall tiles in any bathroom. Not just safe but super-attractive and enhance your spaces. The flooring should grip and offer the support you need to have a mesmerizing shower experience. It also would save you against any such accidents, or casualties, letting you abstain from the danger of serious injuries. Choose any that suits your budget with ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, or stone tiles. Moreover, the vinyl floor tiles from Villohome especially the loose lay luxury vinyl flooring, add to the visual brilliance!

2) What should the color palette contain

ceramic and porcelain

Villohome gives you the privilege to shop for tiles that come in versatile color and design options. Such exquisite tiles offer a top-notch shower experience and brim with plush, royalness, and extravagant textures. With a market saturated with vivid designs and color patterns, you should pick a color scheme only when you are cognizant of the tile type to be used for prolonged periods under different circumstances. We recommend you to use light color and shades for a more compact feel and, at the same time, try those that give it an ultra-spacious look altogether. Some available here with the best color patterns include ceramic and porcelain, mosaic, and stone tiles. 

3) Never compromise on your budget range

the rigid core clock lock vinyl flooring type

How much you are willing spend, most importantly, to what extent are you able to afford determines how brilliantly you could design and decorate your bathroom flooring. It is not just expensive choices that bring versatility, but good decision-making following your budget range lets your bathroom sparkle with a sense of rejoicing. A trigger to revitalization is what you are looking for, with your spending capacity facilitating an easy shortlisting of the kind of tiling patterns you would need to address your bathroom. Contact Villohome, one of the best floor and wall tile stores, for a tailor-made bathroom vibe. We recommend using vinyl floor and wall tiles, with the rigid core clock lock vinyl flooring type proving your best bet for resplendent bathroom decor.

4) Choose what tile size fits in most appropriately

Larger-sized tiles

To avoid any wastage, pick the size that is most suitable for your bathrooms. If possible, we would recommend you go for smaller size tiles. Small-sized tiles help increase the grout lines that, in turn, provide ample slip-resistance in your bathroom. However, larger tiles would be preferred for a much cleaner and spacious look. Larger-sized tiles have fewer grout lines that enhance the space's visual appeal. If contemporary aesthetics are your pick, choosing larger tiles will be an answer to define your space. 


Bathroom flooring is an inseparable part of the overall ambiance. The pathway to entering a deep sense of calm, soothing, and comfort lies in your bathroom premises and should be dressed in ebullient designs. Your cautiousness towards choosing the right flooring type becomes more of a priority than just a choice. A choice that garners the profound ambiance to your space that concludes the decor showing great reverence to your admiration. The bathroom space, a haven for quirky bathroom lighting and fixtures, exuberant lighting choices, exhilarating bath and shower enclosures, and flooring choices, needs to be dressed up with notable tiling classics that redefine a space and its aesthetics. Villohome, the home where a family lives, expands, and thrives, moves in one voice, intending to give you the ultimate flooring experience to adequately meet the waterproof bathroom flooring utility needs. The brand and its partners ensure your space gets the garnish it deserves. Our partners working closely to make sure we are a cradle for a comprehensive tiling experience. 

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In the run to design and add a decorative vibe to your dining, bedrooms, kitchen, and outers, the decor of the room where you bathe, relax and unwind takes a blow. Not recognizing the importance of a striking tiling option added to power up your bathroom's decor, you keep beating around the bush, choosing the wrongly suited styles for a place that reconciliates almost perfectly with your "current mood." Choose the options that not just define but refine the aesthetics quintessentially.

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