Latest trends in hardwood flooring

A mystical and illustrious aura of the very luxurious hardwood flooring has a transcendent power over people. The splendor and magnificence of the hardwood trend have been breathtaking. The stripping away carpeting trend and buying a fully furnished home just for hardwood floors is the new normal. What has broadened is the horizon to shop for an experience as marvelous as this and has eventually forced people to think beyond and dive deeper to bring out the best in the collection. Be it those lavishly engineered, solid, or vinyl hardwood floors, none can refuse but admit how beautiful the flooring trend is. Those cascading curves and knot patterns quite sumptuous and perhaps the best in the business, have kept the visitors in awe. 

Solid and engineered hardwood floors-A Revolution to unfold what’s spectacular 

The revelation of the trendy styles and captivating designs bring to the fore what is known to be the most prominent hardwood flooring, not just by the grandeur but by being the real charmer, fixating all eyes on the floor type. The classic look of these hardwood floors over carpet and tiles has though not completely swept away the glory of the traditional flooring types, but certainly has driven minds with a change that’s been a revolution. There certainly has been a clean-sweep when we think about why hardwood floors have hit the last nail in the coffin, answering homeowners as they turn to these as the primary investment to dress up their space so it looks bigger, better, and revitalized. 

It is undoubtedly true that the hardwood flooring trends are being influenced by the leading designers and flooring manufacturers with custom capabilities, wider boards, textured surfaces, polished finishes, and hues of natural grey patinas that have got heads turning. Enhancing the look of your homes, easy to clean and maintain, their strength, durability, and everything else around these has been instrumental in not just refining but defining a decor. It can be described as one of those arduous journeys to the top with the recent hardwood flooring trends skidding past their competitors with ease.

The fight to epitomize and rise to ebullient peaks though is the one that exists between solid and engineered hardwood flooring types. Indeed! A race to the finish that traces a path with various checkpoints that include stability, strength, durability, accessibility, and ease of application. And the article now unfolds the true comparison between the various designs available in two of the most advanced hardwood flooring types, covering all the aforementioned touchpoints under the various hardwood flooring species to let you choose the better one!

1) Solid Hardwood Brazilian Oak Tauari Java 3/4" Thick Smooth Floors - Orion Collection
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Renowned for their strength, durability and character, Solid hardwood Brazilian Oak Tauari Java 3/4" Thick Smooth Floors have set the real benchmark in the very fascinating hardwood flooring industry. The wood type’s natural resistance to decay, insects, and moisture makes for a longer lasting floor. The real shimmer and a fine textural finish is simply awe-inspiring. Found excellent for residential and commercial applications, the flooring type can easily withstand heavy foot traffic. Hard, heavy and very stable, it is resistant to scratches, dents and imperfections. 

2) Engineered Hardwood Floors Specials Collection White Oak Medium Grey Width: 5"

hardwood flooring
Thanks to the multiple layers of hardwood backing, engineered flooring including white oak are best for commercial purposes. Depending on the overall thickness of the board, this very special collection from the
White Oak Engineered Hardwood Floors proves a great choice for high-moisture environment. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc., the flooring offers a wide range of style choices covering the whole-house installations. No denying the fact that the hardness, strength, water-repelling capability and the attractive appearance is simply mind-boggling. 

3) Solid Hardwood Hickory 36" RL, 3/4" Thick Smooth Special Floors

Solid Hardwood
A whopping 30% stronger than the White Oak Wood Type, they shine bright as the hardest domestic wood type. Careless footfalls and the softest woods might fall prey to scratches, dents and inclusions,
Hickory is more likely to withstand the abuse. This makes it an ideal choice in homes with a lot of activity and traffic.  It is ideal for new houses or to match existing floors in renovations and they can be top (face) nailed, or secretly fixed in combination with adhesives. Mopped and cleaned with ease, these are easy to take care of and maintain in the long run. 

Solid or engineered hardwood floor species-What would you actually choose

Want to choose the latest trends in the hardwood flooring influenced by leading designers and flooring manufacturers with custom capabilities, but tighter budget ranges are what you need to heckle with first? Well, it all boils down to the points of differences between the flooring types that lets you choose what’s a better option for your kitchens or bathrooms or basements for that matter. Therefore, in our next segment, we shall be comparing the two hardwood flooring types based on their appearance, quality, costing, lifespan, etc.

1) Appearance 

Solid hardwood generally has very tight seams between boards, these tend to be narrower than engineered hardwood flooring. Also, there comes a great range of colors and species under engineered hardwood flooring as compared to what solid would provide. Solid hardwood comes with both pre and unfinished boards. Floorboards tend to be wider with engineered hardwood flooring, and engineered is always solid pre-finished. Which one you would choose is a matter of personal preference. 

2) Cost

Solid hardwood is generally found more expensive than the engineered hardwood. If you have a tight budget for your floor then engineered hardwood usually works out more cost effective than solid. It is because of the amount of the solid wood used in each plank of flooring that makes solid hardwood more costly. What values both provide becomes the ultimate decision maker!

3) Longevity 

From 30 to nearly a 100 years, solid hardwood flooring is sanded down or refinished several times. When it comes it longevity, solid hardwood comes right on top. However with the yardstick for measuring their performances differs as per the conditions, purpose of installation and the decor type, basing your decision solely on lifespan would lt the engineered hardwood trail as longevity is one of the disadvantages of the wood type.


The latest hardwood flooring trends are an inseparable part of the overall ambiance. Hardwood flooring installation ensures that the pathway inside your premises should be dressed in ebullient designs. Your cautiousness towards choosing the right flooring type becomes more of a priority than just a choice. A choice that garners a profound ambiance to your space that concludes the decor. The indoor space, a haven for quirky upholstery, exuberant furniture choices, exhilarating faux flower arrangement, and decor choices, needs to be dressed up with notable tiling classics that redefine a space and its aesthetics. Villohome, the home where a family lives, expands, and thrives, moves in one voice, intending to give you the ultimate flooring experience to adequately meet the hardwood flooring utility needs. The brand and its partners enliven your living space, and at its disposal lies the garnish it deserves. Our partners work closely to ensure we are a cradle for a comprehensive tiling experience. 

Shop from the best US Vendors
Shop from the best US Vendors

Choose from the finest pieces of craftsmanship from Villohome

With a lot of positive connotations associated with the two flooring types, your choices for your individual type would depend on what factors you consider for an engineered or a solid hardwood floor installation. With both being of the finest craftsmanship, choosing one would turn loathsome! This is where Villohome is a place to look up to for getting the best species of both solid and engineered flooring types and tap on what suits your purpose exceedingly well!

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