Seven Reasons Why People Like Travertine Tiles
In case you're searching for a timeless flooring alternative whose appearance has been appreciated by everybody, travertine tile flooring may be the perfect flooring decision for you. Travertine tiles are natural stone flooring option that will provide beauty and durability to your home for many years to come.

Here are some of the advantages of installing travertine tile flooring,


Travertine tile floors are the most durable floors you can install in your home or a commercial area with heavy traffic. With a Measure of Hardness rating equivalent to that of marble, this flooring material will confront even the heaviest of traffic.

Dynamic nature:

Travertine is also extremely resistant to fluctuations in temperature hence it can be used both for indoors and outdoors. Travertine tiles are durable and great at reflecting light which makes them the right candidate for kitchen areas. Furthermore, travertine has natural pores on the surface through which air passes at all times which makes it a great choice for wet and humid areas too.

Natural look:

Travertine tiles give any space a natural look. Contrasted with different types of tiles, Travertine tiles create a progressively wonderful feel both exteriors and interiors. Natural color variations framed in million years with minerals from the nature gives additional excellence to these tiles.

Color options:

Travertine is available in a wide range of natural shades, primarily white, tan, dark brown, beige, cream and golden. Travertine is found in some complimentary shades of red, pink and orange too with some darker veins going through the travertine.

Less slippery:

Travertine flooring works remarkably well around pool as it isn't slippery and doesn't get excessively hot or cold. Correlated to any other tiles, travertine tiles are much easier to cut into any shape which makes it a lot easier to fit in small areas. Numerous Surface Options like Honed & Filled, Brushed & Chiseled, Tumbled, Filled & Polished makes these tiles a perfect choice for any remodeling project. It is also easy to replace the travertine tile, just find a similar tile and replace with the old one. Last but not the least, Travertine material is Eco-friendly too. What are you waiting for, visit our Travertine collection and play with numerous flooring ideas for your next project.
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