4 Ways to Transform your Walls and Floors with Marble Tiles

Transforming Space With Marble Tiles 

The timeless and elegant charm of marble tiles can transform the styling decor of your home in unimaginable ways. Be it the walls or the floorings of your space, upgrading them with marble tiles will effortlessly enhance home styling. Marbles are natural stones that add a natural and elegant touch to any area.

Marble tiles are versatile and can be used in a home’s interior as well as exterior space, including the walls or floors. Whether you are looking for ways to renovate the flooring of your room or want to decorate the walls of your bathroom or kitchens, here are the four ways to transform your space with marble tiles.

  • Revamp Kitchen With Marble Tiles
  • Looking for ways to revamp your kitchen? Consider installing marble tiles as countertops, walls, or flooring. Marbles are ideal for transforming your kitchen styling with a wide range of color, style, and pattern options available. Moreover, marbles are durable and easy to clean, and a perfect fit for a kitchen area that is more susceptible to getting spills now and then. Moreover, adding marble tiles in the kitchen will bring out a natural touch to your kitchen.

  • Marble Tiles In The Bathroom
  • An embodiment of timeless and classic charm, marble tiles subtly add a luxurious essence to the bathrooms.  Choose the neutral, peaceful light hues of colors like white, cream, beige, off-white, or light grey to give a serene look to your personal space. Also, consider installing stone bathroom sinks to add to the natural beauty of your bathroom.

    Marble Tiles In The Bathroom

  • Add Life To The Living Room With Marble Tiles
  • Add an eye-appealing look of natural stone marble tiles to make your living room pleasingly rich. For an exquisite appearance, durability, and ease in maintenance, marbles stand out the best.  Whether for a minimalist or a contemporary look, go with honed marble floor tile and wall tile from our exceptional honed marble collection that are authentic and premium-grade marbles with antique colors, styles, and patterns.

  • Marble Tiles For Exteriors
  • Apart from indoors, marble tiles are also suitable for outdoor spaces to get an unparalleled elegant and sophisticated ambiance in your exterior area. Whether for wall cladding your exterior walls or outdoor floorings, marbles are doubtlessly one of the best choices for your outdoor patios or walls. 

    Though, choosing the suitable marble for your exteriors is crucial to ensure the longevity of marbles. The glossy and polished marble tiles that are perfect for indoors would not be the right choice for outdoors because of the exposure to light and weather. Sand Blast Marble Pavers or sandblasted and brushed marble tile in Versailles pattern are some of the suitable options for outdoors that can withstand harsh weather conditions and last long. 
    Prefer What’s The Best For Your Space

    Prefer What’s The Best For Your Space

    If you pick the right blends of color, size, patterns, and styles, the marble tiles are going to be the best for transitioning your space’s look into a luxurious and royal one. With VilloHome, get the curated collection of marble flooring tiles or outdoor natural stone pavers at the most affordable prices. For more information or any concern, feel free to reach out to us.
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