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This product is a wall-mounted triangular hand towel holder designed for bathroom use. Its solid brass construction gives it a sturdy and durable quality with a vintage appearance. The triangular design is not only functional for hanging towels but also adds an element of aesthetic charm to bathroom decor. The brass finish may develop a natural patina over time, enhancing its antique look, making it suitable for both practical use and to contribute to the overall elegance of the space. The hanger towel feature ensures that it takes up minimal space, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or as an additional holder in larger bathrooms for extra convenience.


Width 9.8 Inches = 25 cm

Height 9.8 Inches = 25 cm

FAQ for a Brass Wall-Mounted Triangular Towel Holder:

Q: How do I install the brass towel holder? A: The holder comes with all the necessary hardware. Simply drill into the wall, insert the wall plugs, and screw the mounting bracket securely.

Q: Can this holder be used in a damp environment? A: Yes, the solid brass construction is designed to resist corrosion, making it ideal for bathroom use.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the towel holder? A: It's built to hold hand towels and small bath towels. For exact weight specifications, she is strong enough as she is made from brass.

Q: Is the brass material of the towel holder eco-friendly? A: Brass is a durable and recyclable material, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Q: How do I maintain the finish of the hanger towel? A: Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners to preserve the natural patina.

Q: Is this wall-mounted towel hanger suitable for small spaces? A: The compact, triangular design is perfect for optimizing space in smaller areas.

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Solid Brass Wall Mounted Triangular Hand Towel Holder For Bathroom

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Finish: Unlacquered Brass
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