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Illuminate Spaces While Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

This fancy light has lots of pointy parts that make it look like a special lamp. It uses different metal and clear plastic sticks to spread light nicely, making the room bright. It's not just for light - it also looks like a piece of art hanging from the ceiling.


  • Effectively filters and diffuses light through its intricate design.
  • Crafted using durable and premium-grade metal and acrylic components.
  • Designed to be hung from the ceiling, serving as a central focal point.
  • Its unique composition and distinctive appearance attract attention, making it a conversation starter in any setting.
  • The combination of different metal and clear plastic elements contributes to its stylish and contemporary look.


  • 24"x22" /61x56cm
  • 32"x22" /81x56cm
  • 42"x30" /107x76cm


  • Burnished Brass
  • Pewter

Ensures well-distributed and gentle illumination throughout the room.

Doubles is a stunning piece of sculptural art in any space.

Aether Round Chandelier

SKU: sku-47495442170156
Size: 24" x 22" / 61cm x 56cm
Color: Burnished Brass
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