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Decorate your space with our Christmas Brussels Griffon artwork on a Night Light. Introduce a splash of artistic flair and subtle illumination to your space with the Decorative Ceramic Night Light from Caroline's Treasures. Perfect for any room, this night light seamlessly blends functionality with an aesthetic appeal, offering a stylish solution to brighten up dark corners of your home or office. Boasting a six-inch high by four-inch wide ceramic tile at the front, it showcases vivid, full-color artwork from distinguished artists, transforming a simple utility into a vibrant art piece. The artwork is securely encased in a robust metal holder, ensuring durability and longevity. Two screws are provided to firmly affix the tile into the holder. The holder extends three inches deep, housing an included bulb that emits a soft, welcoming glow. This product meets all safety standards, as evidenced by its UL approval. Proudly made in the United States from imported components, this Decorative Ceramic Night Light is not just a functional device; it's a statement piece that enhances the ambiance of your surroundings.

Brussels Griffon Candy Cane Holiday Christmas Ceramic Night Light SS4563CNL

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