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Adorn Your Space With Ambient Warmth For An Elegant Atmosphere

Transform your space with our Cinam Pendant Light, seamlessly blending tradition and modern design. The intricately woven bamboo casts a soft, ambient glow, creating a cozy atmosphere in any space. Easy to install and maintain, its lightweight yet durable construction ensures long-lasting elegance. Elevate your home decor with this unique piece that brings the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship to your living spaces.


  • Handcrafted with precision, this pendant light embodies the rich tradition of Chinese bamboo weaving.
  • Provides a soft and warm ambient glow, enhancing the overall atmosphere of any room.
  • Natural, earthy tones of bamboo bring a sense of tranquility and blend seamlessly with different decor styles.
  • Suitable for various spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms, tea houses, kitchens, and studies.
  • Simple to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep its timeless beauty intact.


  • A - 15.7" x 11" / 40 x 28cm
  • B - 13.8" x 9.8" / 35 x 25cm
  • C - 13.8" x 9.8" / 35 x 25cm
  • D - 17.7" x 10.2" / 45 x 26cm
  • E - 9" x 17.7" / 23 x 45cm
  • F - 9" x 16.5" / 23 x 42cm
Adds a touch of creativity to your space, making it both a functional light source and a decorative element.
Quality craftsmanship ensures a timeless appeal that withstands changing design trends.

    Cinam Pendant Light

    SKU: sku-47811673555244
    Size: A - 15.7" x 11" / 40 x 28cm
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