Crete Weathered Black Linear Textured Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile-Rigato-18"X36"-Liberty US Collection

SKU: LUSIRS1836131

Size: 18"x36"
Surface Finish: Linear Textured
Product of: USA

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33.75 Sqft.


Technical Specifications

Size 18″x36″
Edge Type Rectified
Thickness (mm) 8
Thickness Dimension ≤±0.04 Inc.
Water absorption ≤0.1%
Facial Dimension ≤ ± 0.25%
Warpage average diagonal ≤ ± 0.40%
Warpage average edge ≤ ± 0.40%
Wedging ≤ ± 0.25%
Bond Strength ≥ 200 psi
Breaking Strength ≥ 400 lb.
Hardness (Mohs) ≥ 7
Visible Abrasion Resistance for Glaze tiles Class 4
Frost Resistance No evidence of Damage
Chemical Resistance Class A
Stain ResistanceNew Text Class A*
DCOF ≥0.48*
Aesthetic Classification V2

Packaging Specifications

Pieces / Box 5
Sqft / Box 22.19
Boxes / Pallet 18
Sqft / Pallet 399.40
Weight (lbs)/Sqft 3.63
Weight (lbs)/Box 80.55
Crete Weathered Black Linear Textured Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile-Rigato-Liberty US Collection is a US made Product and is available in 18"x36" Size.Urban tranquility meets concrete modernism for the CRETE collection. Available in four colors and four sizes with two textures including the unique rigato finish, there are also mosaics and trim pieces offered.


    All Liberty U.S. products are manufactured in the USA. The raw materials used to produce the body of our tiles are all natural and quarried within 325 miles of our production facility in Crossville, TN. Our company takes great pride in our efforts to be environmentally conscious, using recycled material in our production processes whenever possible. Our “Green Choice” products are certified by the Bureau Veritas to be made with a percentage of pre-consumer recycled material, as indicated on this page.

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