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Introducing our Dark Red Burgundy Ball Ornaments – the epitome of modern elegance for your holiday decor.


Crafted with sophistication in mind, these ornaments feature a deep and rich burgundy hue, adding a touch of contemporary style to your festive arrangements. The trendy dark red shade complements both traditional and modern themes, making them a versatile choice for your holiday decorating needs.


With a classic ball shape and a size that's just right, these ornaments are perfect for adorning your Christmas tree, wreaths, garlands, or creating stylish centerpiece displays. The matte finish gives them a chic and understated look, while the deep burgundy color brings a sense of warmth and sophistication to your holiday ambiance.


These trendy dark red burgundy ball ornaments are a must-have for those who seek a balance between traditional charm and contemporary flair. Elevate your holiday decor with a touch of modern sophistication – order your set today and make this festive season uniquely stylish.



  • Buy in Bulk! Burgundy Ball Ornaments come in many sizes of diameter: 50 Millimeters to 16 inches!  Choose the size that fits your decorating needs.  Extra Large Ball Ornaments are available and sold in bulk.
  • Color - Shiny Burgundy, Dark Crimson Red
  • Finish - Shiny reflective finish
  • Professional Quality & Shatterproof Plastic - Ornaments made for commercial applications and decades-long use.  They'll look great for the holidays and will be able to be used again and again
  • Cap Included - cap secured with wire for quick and easy hanging
  • Pick Wire comes with ornaments smaller than 5in.  Easy to wrap around anything you wish to decorate.  Ornaments 5in and larger come with a Silver String to hang from the tree branch
  • Super Lightweight - Hollow interior with hard plastic exterior
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use - Weatherproof - Commercial Quality


Sold in bulk in sets of individual pieces:

  • 50MM - Set of 60
  • 60MM - Set of 66
  • 70MM - Set of 48
  • 80MM - Set of 48
  • 100MM - Set of 27
  • 140MM - Boxes of 18 each
  • 200MM - Boxes of 8 each
  • 280MM - Boxes of 4 each
  • 400MM - Boxes of 4 each
  • 450MM- Boxes of 4 each


Size Comparison of Diameter:

  • 50MM = 1.96 inches
  • 60MM = 2.36 inches
  • 70MM = 2.75 inches
  • 80MM = 3.14 inches
  • 100MM = 3.93 inches
  • 140MM = 5.51 inches
  • 200MM = 7.87 inches
  • 280MM = 11 inches
  • 400MM = 15.78 inches
  • 450MM = 17.71 inches


 Christmas Ball Ornament Size Comparison and Order Quantity Spec Sheet

*Varying diameters and sizes to choose from.  Small sizes measured in millimeters. Large sizes measured in inches.  For accurate size comparisons, please see the table above.  For unit quantities per order, please see the "Sold in bulk in sets of individual pieces" table.

    Dark Red Burgundy Ball Ornaments

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    Size: 70mm
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