Denizli Beige Travertine Tile Brushed and Chiseled

SKU: 10083369

Size: 18"x18"x1/2"
Surface Finish: Brushed and Chiseled


Denizli Beige Travertine Tile Brushed and Chiseled is treated with a wire brush across the surface of each tile to create the effect of centuries of natural aging. The process draws this selection of premium-quality and authentic Turkish travertine tiles into traditions that are as old as civilization itself.
    • Authentic Turkish Travertine: Premium quality
    • Historical, Aged Look: Brushed and Chiseled style adds character to a variety of spaces
    • Each Batch Is Unique: Random, varied, subtly decorative color spectrum
    • Subtle Contrasting Patterns: Natural, decorative veining
    • Multiple Options For Installation And Layout: Edges allow for both stylized grout lines or butted installation, depending on preference
Travertine is a porous material that comes naturally with holes/pores. These pores allow for efficient heat transfer but do not retain heat, which keeps the stones cool to the touch. The styles in this collection come with pores that are filled with a cement based filler prior to the honing finish. These fillers will eventually be removed over time, depending on wear and traffic. VilloHome recommends using a cement based grout or filler to refill these pores and reseal your tile if you find that the original filler has worn through. Being a natural stone of the earth, the variation and frequency of these pores will vary. We have done our best to sort, select, and grade these tiles to the appropriate standards.

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