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Lee Display's brand new Gold Christmas Lights on sale with Steady White Wire sets

    Steady Bulbs Only:

    • What's the difference between Twinkling Bulbs and Steady Burning Bulbs?
    • Twinkling bulbs have a filament inside the bulb that when heated up by the socket, breaks apart and causes the illusion of a blinking/flashing/twinkling light bulb.
    • Steady Bulbs stay on continuously while plugged in.  No flashing on and off.



    • 50 Light Bulb Sets
    • 25FT Long Strings
    • Weight:  6oz
    • Sockets spaced 6in apart with 6in between the first and last sockets and the plugs
    • White Wire Christmas Strings available
    • Fuse Plugs on both ends, A male plug and female plug attached to each end of the cord, extra fuses included
    • Replaceable Bulbs - with extra bulbs included
    • Transparent Clear Yellow Colored Light Bulbs - Warm Gold Glowing Bulbs
    • Candelabra 5M Shaped - They look like sparkling candles in the night!
    • Incandescent Lighting - Warm Glowing Bulbs
    • Commercial Quality Lighting Sets - Indoor/Outdoor Use
    • UL Certified/Listed Safety US, E335294
    • 20.4 Watts, 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 0.17 Amps
    • Connect Multiple cords together:  In-Series Connected Lighting String with Max 216 Watts (1.80 Amps) total
    • Cords are UL Listed E349869, 22 AWG, 105°C, 300 Volt, VW-1
    • Rated over 10,000 hours of Lifetime, Lee Display's Christmas Lights will last for every holiday season
    • Indoor/Outdoor - Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant


    Answers to Common Questions:

    If one goes out, do the rest stay on? Yes, if one bulb breaks, the others stay lit. The entire strand works in series. If the plastic casing breaks while the bulb is still in the socket, the cord will still work and all the other lights will still be lit. Once you remove the light bulb from the socket, the cord will not light.

    Do you sell replacement bulbs? Each set comes with 3 replacement bulbs included. We don't currently sell replacement bulbs.



    • Single Orders ship with USPS First Class Mail with a Padded Envelope
    • Multiple orders ship in a cardboard box with padding

    Gold Christmas Lights

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