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Decorate your space with our Halloween artwork on a Sticky Note Holder. Add a touch of creativity and flair to your desk with the Decorative Sticky Note Holder from Caroline's Treasures. This uniquely designed sticky note dispenser will not only keep your notes in one place but also add an artistic element to your workspace. The top of the holder features beautiful artwork that is sure to catch the eye. Crafted for convenience, this sticky note holder comes with a small pad of 3-inch x 3-inch sticky notes at the bottom. The holder is designed for easy refilling; simply remove the last sheet of a new sticky note pad and stick it onto the board. This feature ensures you will always have sticky notes at your disposal. This Sticky Note Holder makes a perfect gift. Be it for your colleagues at work, your Facebook friends, or even your dog groomer or hairdresser, this versatile product fits the bill. You can use it for making grocery lists, leaving notes for loved ones, or for jotting down important reminders. The bottom board is rigid and can be magnetized by adding a business card size magnet to the back (sold separately). This makes it even more versatile, allowing you to place it on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. With this Sticky Note Holder, you're not only organizing your notes, but also personalizing your space.

Halloween Sweets Party Sticky Note Holder BB7463SN

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