Marble Polished Mosaic Tile Carrara White Hexagon 2"

SKU: DM-0161-020

Surface Finish: Polished
Size: 2"(Hexagon)


Marble mosaic tiles are bold and vivid. With the natural patterning of organic materials, the marble mosaics add sophistication and a unique flair to any space. Leverage the classical beauty of marble easily, and in all kinds of spaces with the Carrara Marble Series on our SARANDA label. The glory of real marble is embodied here with a selection of cool tones, varied veining patterns, and geometrically arranged individual tiles on a sturdy mesh backing. With the rich variation and veining intrinsic to natural stone, the marble series creates lush, on-trend interiors that excite and inspire.

Marble Polished Mosaic Tile Carrara White Hexagon 2" offers you,

  • Cool, earthy color spectrum and patterning;
    • Italian-style marble that adds a universally-appreciated, timeless visual effect with varied colors, and unique patterning in variety of finishes
  • Geometric, artistic layouts;
    • Hexagonal, square, circular, rectangular, and combination layouts for artistic effect in residential and light commercial interior applications
  • Easy installation for walls and flooring;
    • Mesh-mounted backing allows for straightforward application in kitchens, baths, hallways, entrance ways, mudrooms, and beyond
  • Versatile design potential;
    • For backsplashes, accent walls, floor accents, shower inlays, transition pieces, and more
  • Complementary with surrounding decor;
    • For use as textural variations for glass, wood, and ceramic surfacing.

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