Medium Beige Premium Travertine Tile

SKU: 10085668

Size: 24"x24"x1/2"
Surface Finish: Honed and Filled


If you are looking to a add a classical style to your home, our MYNDOS brand is offering you a Medium Beige Premium 24"x24" Travertine Tile. People have been using this natural stone tile for interior design for thousands of years in Europe and the Near East. Now, honed and filled travertine tiles organic qualities and clean lines make it an outstanding choice for any space. Our Travertine tile is cut from quarries in Turkey and imported to our high-quality specifications.

Medium Beige Premium 24"x24" Travertine Tile offers you:

  • Cool and smooth finish
    • Honed and filled travertine feels cool and smooth to the touch, and you can use them on both walls and floors for a strong interior design theme
  • Sophisticated and cultured design
    • With its incredibly diverse patterns, this large format tile exudes a natural beauty with a truly luxurious feel
  • Variety in layout and installation options
    • Variations in tone and character make each tile unique. Furthermore, all tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Variations in Style and design
    • Neutral tones work well with a wide range of color schemes and interior designs. It also offers shades such as Light Beige, Medium Beige, and Mixed Beige
  • Extraordinary quality
    • Created by a tile industry leader in Denizli, Turkey, this selection is cut to the highest standards, with only premium grading and therefore it will extend a warm yet impressive look to any room in your home.

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