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Lee Display's brand new 30ft Shiny Pink & Matte White Tinsel Garlands and Fringe Embellishments


Cover the walls with tinsel curtains and your entryway banisters in shiny metallic-colored tinsel. 

Lee Display's tinsel is 100% made in the USA using our antique Brush Machine.  Made with the highest quality of materials that can only be found in products made in the United States.



  • Color:  Shiny Pink and Matte White Brush
  • Length:  30FT of Garland per strand
  • Size:  3in of round thickness
  • Weight:  less than 1lb each
  • Material:  Made from plastic vinyl sheeting.  Cut and wrapped with wire
  • Commercial Quality:  Tinsel wrapped with a stiff wire.  Creating a strong wire stem. 
  • Can be bent to make any shape!  Shape to any type of holiday element or accent
  • Use as craft supplies and Seasonal Decorations:  Cut into any size you like and the brush won't fall apart
  • Easy To Hang:  Hang the garland up outside on the patio in the backyard, around the house for decoration, or in front of your retail store. 
  • Decorate for the party with shiny brush foliage and decorate your float for the bid holiday parade
  • The entire garland is made in the USA.  Hand-Made by Lee Display's professional fabricators.



  • Ships in a cardboard box sized 8in X 8in X 4in
  • We manufacture each garland per order.  Allow 1-2 business days for shipping

    Pink & White Tinsel Garland

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