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1 Box of 25 of brand-new transparent Multi-Color Red, White, & Blue 4th of July G40 Globe Light Bulbs

Replace your old bulbs today for your patriotic holiday celebrations! 

  Cords sold separately.

    Bulb Specs:

    • G40 Globe Lights with C-7 (E12) brass base sockets. 
      • For more information regarding the difference in size, click here
    • Bulb Diameter and Length Dimensions:  40mm in diameter (1.57in), 57.15mm in length (2.25in) - the exact same size as a ping pong ball

    Bulb Features:

    • Colors include:  Transparent Red, Blue, & Clear
    • Steady Bulbs stay on continuously while plugged in.  No flashing on and off.
    • Screw-In Replaceable
    • 25 Light Bulbs per order
    • Transparent colors - Translucent-colored Red, Clear, and Blue Bulbs that last for years
    • 100% clear blown glass with screw-in brass socket
    • Globe Shaped - Large Circular Bulbs cover space for area mood lighting
    • Incandescent Lighting - Warm Glowing Bulbs
    • All Bulbs are dimmable from any outlet with a dimmer setting
    • 5-Watt, 120 Volt
    • Rated over 10,000 hours
    • Indoor/Outdoor - Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant


      All bulbs are checked prior to shipment in good working condition.  Single orders are shipped in a padded envelope with extra padding.  Multiple orders are shipped in a cardboard box.

      Red, White, & Blue G40 Light Bulbs

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