Rustic Beige Travertine Tile Tumbled

SKU: 10099753

Size: 4"x4"
Surface Finish: Tumbled


Tumbled travertine tile is the perfect choice for that extra-special look that is informal, warm, and that will never go out of style. With softly rounded edges, created as a result of the tumbling process, Tumbled Travertine Tile can create an outstanding floor in your home or office.

Rustic Beige Travertine Tile Tumbled offers,

  • Comfort and style unique to tumbled travertine: The tumbled finish of these travertine tiles is created when cut pieces of stone are tumbled together in a rotating drum with other rounded stones, creating soft and rounded edges
  • Natural design and color variation: Each color range of tile is hand selected and hand sorted with a range of variation in color and shade; checking the material and blending the tiles to taste prior to installation is highly recommended as shipments will have mixed percentages of light versus dark tiles
  • Precision cutting for straightforward layout: Use standard thinset and grout to set these tiles in place indoors, or install these tiles without a grout joint for a contemporary finish; due to the nature of the tumbled finish, use a stone-enhancing sealer to accentuate the natural colors in the stone and provide additional care and maintenance in high traffic areas
  • Neutral color and patterning style for any space: While no two tiles or shipments will ever look perfectly alike, the natural and neutral tones in this range of tiles work well with many different color schemes because of their beautiful natural variation
  • Each sizing option is produced at a 3/8" thickness, making these tiles suitable for both walls and floors
  • Size and shape:  4" x 4" (50 pieces per box)

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